Privacy Policy

Application (Effective Date: January, 2020)

This Privacy Policy applies to any person using our services (“Users” or "Customers") as it pertains to the data you choose to allow us to collect by opting in to our services.

The Information We Collect

We collect three different categories of information:

Information you provide to us:

We collect any information you provide to us when you access or use our services. This may include information such as your name, address, vehicle information, fuel type preferences, credit card information, etc. when you sign up for our app. This may also include any information or feedback you provide through forms on our website, in our app, or through conversations with our delivery drivers (“Gas Jockeys”).

Information provided to us when you use our services:

Your Preferences: We will collect information about how you interact with our business throughout the course of our services—such as your setting preferences, fuel preferences, and others. In some instances, we will be accessing this information through the use of web-based cookies and other electronic technologies of which you can choose to disable. However, choosing to disable technologies like cookies could alter our ability to serve you efficiently and effect the functionality, efficiency, consistency, and capability to provide our service.

Information from Server Logs: While our app is running, we may gather information from servers that share information with us such as: day/time the service was accessed, IP address of the device used, operating system being used, and service provider.

Information About Your Devices: We may collect information about the device you use while accessing any of our services. This information may include, but is not limited to: type of device being used, IP address, service provider, notification preferences, location services, and operating systems.

Transaction Information: We collect transactional data related to our services that includes details on delivery orders such as delivery location, payment method, product delivered, time and day of delivery, customer information, and transaction frequency.

Call and SMS Data: Our service allows our customers to communicate with our drives via call or SMS messaging through our app. Through this communication, we may collect data in relation to the content communicated, time/date received and the phone number from which the information was gathered.

Your Location Information: When you choose to use our service, you will be advised to allow us to access your location services. With this, we will be able to find your vehicle’s location efficiently and quickly in order to provide you with our service. In order to access your exact or approximate location, we may collect data through services like GPS, IP address, and WiFi to find you. You can opt to disable location services either on your phone or under the settings in our app, but this may affect the functionality/capabilities of our services.

Information we collect from third parties:

Business Providers: Our business providers may provide information about you when you create or link your account to your other accounts, such as social media networks, payment processors, or email services.

Claims or Disputes: Users or others may provide us your information in connection with a claim or dispute.

Referral Programs: We may gather information about you from other users through the use of referral programs.

Third-Party Service Requests: Users may request services for or on your behalf.

All publicly available information.

Tankr reserves the right to combine any or all of the information collected above with any other information we have collected or have access to collect.

Sharing of Information

We may share the information we collect:

With the General Public;
This may include sharing customer reviews, comments, pictures, and other information you provide to us to be shared on all social media channels, other news outlets, app platforms, or other forms of media.

With Legal/ Regulatory authorities in the event of a dispute, claim, or other necessary activity;
If Tankr decides it is necessary to comply with applicable law, contractual obligation, regulation, safety concerns, governmental request, legal process, or any time when disclosure is deemed necessary, then we may share your information with the necessary party or parties.

With necessary entities in the event of a merger/acquisition;
In the event that Tankr becomes acquired or is merged into a third party company, it may be deemed necessary to share some or all of the information we have gathered with that third party before, during, or after the transaction is completed.

With Affiliates, Service Providers, or Business Partners;
This could include sharing information we have gathered with our business partners (such as, but not limited to: marketing partners, payment processors, financial partners, cloud storage providers, and other third party consultants) to help us provide a better experience for our end user. On top of this, this may allow our business partners to use cookies and other similar technologies to track your usage and activity to help us continue to improve our services.

Use of Information

We collect, use, and store information to better serve our customers. By collecting this information, we can constantly improve and modify our processes and services to better serve our customers. Through this constant improvement, we can provide our customers with efficient, reliable, and convenient fuel deliveries.

Services and Features We Provide:
With the information we collect, we are looking to constantly improve, personalize, and provide the best experience to our users. This includes, but is not limited to:

Creation/ updates to your account

Identity verification to ensure no fraudulent activity has occurred

The ability to process or, at our option, contract payment processing for our services our to a third party payment processor.

Humanize your experience by allowing you the ability to leave comments, tips, and ratings for our delivery drivers.

Choosing to allow our services to operate, and for our pricing to fluctuate as the market increases/decreases for differing variables such as date, time, and location.

Allowing us to perform internal operations to further improve our service such as: troubleshooting, bug fixes, software development, data analytics, and more.

Research and Development: The data gathered through the use of our services may be used to help continue to improve the app, our other existing software, marketing tactics, or other processes we see could benefit from the use of the information we have gathered.

Customer Support: We may use the data we have collected to better assist us in helping our customers in regards to their questions, comments, concerns, and other issues that arise.

News and Updates: We may use the data we have gathered in order to better communicate with our customers by sending news, updates, and promotional material directly to the phone number, email, address, or by any other way deemed reasonably fit.

Legal Requirements: Information gathered may be used to conduct investigations into disputes or claims with customers regarding Tankr’s services or as otherwise allowed by applicable law, or, as requested by government entities or regulators.

Third Party Analytics

We may allow third parties, such as Google Analytics, to provide analytics services. These third parties may use cookies, web beacons and other technologies to collect information about your use of the services and other websites. The information gathered by either Tankr or our third party analytics services may be used to help us track patterns, usage reports, or help us engage in target digital advertising based off of content viewed, your IP address, pages viewed, links you have clicked, or other information we, or they, might gather. Our privacy policy does not apply to, and we are not responsible for, third party cookies, web beacons or other tracking technologies and we encourage you to check the privacy policies of these third parties to learn more about their privacy practices.

Children’s Privacy

Tankr’s services and actions are not intended for; and, thus, are not directed at any individual at the age of 13 or younger. Therefore, we do not intentionally gather or store any information of an individual aging between the ages of 0-13 years old. If we are made aware that the information of an individual in this age range has been gathered, we will take the appropriate steps to discard the information.

Privacy Policy Updates

As we continue to progress, we may have to change, add to, and update our Privacy Policy. As we do this, we will be sure to notify you by alerting you in the app, sending you notifications via email newsletter, and/or simply revising the date on any medium our Privacy Policy can be found.