Cut the fleet cards. Get fuel delivered.

Looking for a new way to fuel your business? You found it. 

Tankr offers on-site fuel delivery to a variety of businesses across multiple industries.


Competitive pricing is our guarantee with daily updates to match the fuel prices in your area.


Need gasoline, diesel, or both? We've got you covered. We offer (87), (93), and non-ethanol gasoline as well as Highway and Off-Road diesel (in bulk). 


Wave inefficiency goodbye when you introduce fuel delivery to your fleet by cutting back on wasted company time spent at the pump. 


Tankr pumps 100%, triple-filtered, Texaco branded fuel, providing nothing but the highest quality fuel for your fleet. 

Save Money

Take advantage of the various discounts we offer to our fleet customers. Discounts vary depending on volume and frequency of deliveries. 

Save Time

Employees waste an average of 30-45 minutes per trip to the gas station. Take your business' time back and save on labor costs! 


You choose when and where you want us to fill your fleets, so your vehicles will be ready to roll when the work needs to be done. 

Zero Fraud

75% of commercial fleet card users suffer from fraudelent actions. Eliminate the risk by making payments via our secure third-party payment processor. 

Don't just take our word for it.

Check out a few companies who have already made the switch to our fleet fueling service.


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