Frequently Asked Questions 

What does this service cost?

Every gallon we pump is priced at the AAA rate--just like the gas station. On top of that, we charge an $8 delivery fee. 

When can I order my gas? 

Our delivery service is available to individuals between 7:00 AM-7:00 PM. Our commercial fleet service runs 24/7. 

Where can I get my gas delivered? 

You can have your gas delivered wherever you'd like! School, home, work, the gym--wherever!

How will you access my fuel tank? 

Simply pop your vehicle's fuel door when you order. If you do forget and our driver cannot access your fuel tank, they will then notify you through the app when they arrive and request you open it for them. 

How do I pay?

All payments are made within the Tankr app and processed through our partner Stripe, a secure payment infrastructure used by millions of businesses around the world. 

Is there a cancellation fee? 

If you decide to cancel your order before we reach your chosen time slot, no biggie! Just cancel within the app and go about your day. If you cancel your delivery within your timeslot, you will be charged the $8 delivery fee.

What types of fuel do you deliver? 

We currently offer both Regular (87) and Premium (93) gasoline. 

How do you find my car? 

Pin your car's location within the Tankr app, our software will then direct the driver to your location where they will verify your vehicle's information before pumping! 

Where does Tankr's gas come from? 

Tankr is a proud partner of Texaco and each gallon of gas that we pump comes directly from their refineries! 

How do I get my reciept? 

You can choose whether to have your reciepts delivered to you via email or SMS messages. No more keeping up with paper reciepts!

Do you offer discounts or promo codes? 

Of course! Be on the lookout for opportunities to save on gas and delivery fees via one of our several marketing platforms! 

How do I get this service in my city?

We are constantly looking to expand! If you would like to see Tankr in your area, please fill out the form on our sign up page. We're on way to your city, as fast as we can!