Stop going to the gas station. 

Get gas delivered to your car.

How Tankr works:

We deliver fuel directly to your car regardless of your location! 

Open the Tankr app.

Pin your car's location.

Pop your car's gas cap.

Return to a full tank!

Price Per Gallon

Our prices change daily and are set to match the average $/gal for your area-- just like the gas station! 

Delivery Fee 

In order to provide delivery flexibility, all orders include an $8 delivery fee.  

How can we help you?

Watch this quick video to see just a few of the benefits you can look to gain from getting your gas delivered. 

Current Cities 

Tuscaloosa County, AL  

We are currently fueling the Tuscaloosa County area with specific service areas of Tuscaloosa and Northport.

Looking to kick the gas station habit for good?

Join hundreds of individuals who have already joined our service and experience a safe, efficient, and sanitary fill-up for yourself.